by Charlotte Wardell

Ciao Ciao Vacation is here!

Let’s take some time out with CCV’s Creative director Laura Liles, to find out more about this burgeoning brands origin story.

Laura, you're already a creative director! With an existing outlet to realise your ideas why start a new brand? 

I started Ciao Ciao vacation as a new expression of creativity - a sartorial herb, if you will, to flavour the feast that is a busy signora’s wardrobe. 
CCV is the result of an acceptance of duality, born from my personal inability to commit to one single aesthetic ( - more on that later.) and to continue with the metaphor, CCV is a different flavour to Kinga Csilla (my existing brand). It serves a different taste.


Ok understandable, how is CCV different then ?

Ciao is different because it's story is unique, it's informed by my own nostalgic travel memories and that of my team.

It is a manifestation of youthful joy and summer love!

I'm designing to express that feeling you get when the plane door opens and the air rushes in at twenty degrees hotter than your place of departure.

That's a Ciao mood. 

Simultaneously I see Ciao as an outlet to connect with more people because we're talking to a different audience but also because ccv is a direct to consumer brand.

Sounds dreamy!

One last question, can you give us a little insight into how you've made CCV come to be?

CCV comes into the world with thanks to my unique, experienced team. Together, we knit an inimitable story. We present it as a joyous, elevated collection with a happy heart.  
Of course we’re aiming to tread lightly on the planet and to treat everyone involved kindly.
We engage in an evolutionary business mindset.
We're continually seeking ways to make clothing better and simultaneously more accessible - but that’s not why we created CCV, that’s just how we run it.