Daphne Berry on Manifesting, The Music Industry & Airing Her Dirty Laundry

by laura Liles

Ciao Vacationers and welcome back to CCV News!

This week, we're taking a moment to catch up with one of CCV's most enchanting friends, the ever-lovely Daphne Berry. Daphne graciously shares her insights around navigating life online, manifesting her wildest dreams into tangible realities, and, of course, hosting our favourite new show, 'Airing Your Dirty Laundry', where she charms musicians and creatives alike into... airing their dirty laundry.

Join us as we delve into Daphne's world and uncover the secrets to her magnetic charm and boundless creativity.


Tell us a little bit about yourself Daphne – where did you grow up, how old are you, where do you live, who do you live with and before AYDL what did you do for work? 


I grew up on Sydney's Northern Beaches and also spent a lot of time when I was a kid in Southern Africa. My dad was a filmmaker and wasn't home a lot those days so we would travel to see him over there with our mum for months at a time each year.

I am 32 years young and I am still living on the Northern Beaches. I thought maybe by now I would have moved away from here, which I have done in the past living in NYC, London and LA when I used to do a lot of modelling in the fashion industry. There just seems to be some cosmic pull that always brings me back to Australia though and to be honest it's not the worst place to keep coming back to. We are so lucky to live where we do and it sometimes takes going away to come to that realisation again. 

I do dream of the day when I have a bit of land to grow lots of flowers and live out my Beatrix Potter fantasies.


You’ve grown an incredible community on Tiktok over the last year – how do you feel about life online? 

I honestly love connecting with the community I have built so much. I think I am very fortunate that my experience online has been such a positive one. The people who follow me are primarily women which makes sharing online feel a lot safer. I think if I had all men following me I would ask myself what am I doing wrong? I love connecting with the women who are of all different ages and have their own stories to tell. Sometimes I will get a message from someone and they will tell me that I made them laugh, or something I said or spoke about really connected with them and helped them. That is why I absolutely love to share online and why I continue to do so. If I can make someone's day a little brighter and positive then I think to myself that my job is done. The minute that feeling goes away I would probably stop. Realistically the only reason anyone shows up online is to connect with the viewer. If the viewer doesn't want me there or isn't gaining anything positive from my content then what is the point really. I don't actually make that much money online from my platform. The only reason I continue to show up there each week is for the community I have built. I know it sounds a little weird but they are like a mini family sometimes and I love to talk to my followers in my DMs and simply show up as a human being they can get a little something happy from.


Daphne wears the Ciao Ciao Vacation Crab tee.


For those who haven’t followed along on Tiktok, I think we need a little recap of the crazy manifestation that got the wheels in motion for AYDL… it’s actually wild…

I had the thought a while ago. Probably a year ago now. I thought to myself that AYDL would never ever happen. I didn't know how to do anything of this magnitude and to be completely honest didn't believe in myself that I could. When I put the video online I thought to myself 'fuck it' what have I got to lose. Someone might see this, be like minded and think it's a cool idea. 
I met Immy at the Aria awards in November last year. Her partner is Jordy from Teenage Dads. She came up to me and told me she had watched the video where I spoke about the idea on TikTok and said she wanted to make it happen with me. At the time we were quite a few wines deep and so I didn't really think much of it (I have made plenty of wine promises before and not kept them so I thought this must have been one of those conversations). The next morning I woke up to a message from her saying 'lets do it' and within a week Immy had secured the laundromat we shot in. Within 2 months of meeting we had shot the first episode. She is one of those people I am so thankful to have met. She is the Yin to my Yang and I think we compliment each other so well. Every skill I lack she has. She's just fantastic. Thank god for Immy. 


You’re engaged to a musician, Oli from Lime Cordiale; being immersed in the music industry through Olli, was this the inspiration to interview musicians or have you always been passionate about the music industry?   

It definitely helped that I have been around the music industry for almost 10 years now. I don't honestly know if the idea is because of Oli or if it was my own personal desire to do something really cool that meant something to me. Watching him follow his dreams everyday is extremely inspirational but can also be kind of difficult. You compare yourself to it a lot of the time. I want to chase my dreams and for the last 10 years I have been trying to figure out what those dreams are. I think AYDL is the closest I have come to finding something that really lights me up. I love TikTok and am so thankful for the platform it has given me but I wanted something more. I have always been someone who isn't satisfied. I am still not satisfied. AYDL has a very long way to go, but I am really excited.


The Ciao Ciao team have been cheering you on. We all feel so proud! Episode 1 just launched, congratulations again. How did you find filming with The Rions? Give us a little bit of tea, did everything go smoothly?

I was so nervous. You can't tell in the episode (thank god) but my top lip was QUIVERING when we started the interview. I have never been so anxious about something I have done before. But I kept telling myself I was only nervous because it meant something to me. Nothing good ever comes from staying inside your comfort zone. You have to push yourself and be brave. So I am really really proud of that episode because of how shit scared I was. It also helped that Noah and Harley are absolutely gorgeous and they made my job extremely easy.


While we’re here, it would be rude not ask for a sneaky hint about who else is in the pipeline?

I don't know what to tell you without giving too much away. All I can say is that for episode 2 I am not interviewing a musician. I wanted the show to be for creatives of all types. Though there will probably be a focus on the music industry, I didn't want to get AYDL  typecast into a triple j sort of platform where I only interview artists we see appearing there. I think there is a lot to learn from so many different people in the 'Arts' industry in Australia so I wanted episode 2 to have a completely different tone to episode 1. You will just have to watch to find out and then you can be the judge of whether I did a good enough job haha.