by Charlotte Wardell


Today we sit down with Ciao's biggest muse, Amanda Djerf. Born in Sweden, Amanda is the co-founder of Bonanza Collective, a unique surf and yoga retreat company. We discuss everything from her busy schedule to her Euro summer plans and style inspiration. 

So the Biarritz Bonanza has this season’s editions all booked out. Looks like business is going to keep you pretty busy over the Euro Summer; how’s your energy for that?

I honestly couldn't be more excited! I get to do everything that I love while making new connections - pure joy! I'm also an extrovert so I always get a lot of energy from spending time with the ladies. 

Have you managed to squeeze in some of your own leisure plans for Euro Summer ‘23?

I sure have! I've got a little trip to Mallorca planned and then I will spend a few weeks with my family on the Swedish west coast, the most precious time of the year.

How do people dress in Biarritz? 

I think the French have great style in general, but there's a big vintage / 70's trend in Biarritz. 

What are the style staples you see in the streets there, and are there trends you like to work (or subvert)?

People aren't scared to stick out here so you can definitely see a lot of authentic and cool outfits. There's a lot of vintage leather jackets - which I love. 

You’ve once expressed that, for fashion, you choose to “invest in timeless and long lasting pieces that you can mix and match and wear in a lot of different ways”. What are your favourite kinds of prints and colours to mix up?

I love stripes and am normally drawn to brown, blue and orange shades. So the Bella flare pants are a great example of a fun item to mix up my closet staples. 

What are some of your favourite, less obvious pleasures of surfing (apart from, say, getting the timing and technique right to catch a really perfect wave)? We’d love to hear it from a seasoned expert :)

Definitely to spend time with my friends in the water. It's also such a playful as well as meditative activity, where you are fully present and just enjoying the moment. It's very special <3

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